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We are a non-political, non-religious based service group that enjoys helping our community and having FUN along the way. Rotary is a fantastic way to get involved and learn more about Sherwood as well as our global neighborhood. Please join us Friday mornings at 6:45am in the Sherwood Senior Community Center to learn more about our service activities. We invite the public and any Rotarians visiting the area to attend our weekly meetings. -Neal Brown, President

In the Sherwood Gazette


Friday, December 1, 2017

Our Rotary theme for December is "Disease Prevention Month" and eradicating polio is at the forefront of every Rotary Club's efforts.  Rotarians take great pride in being part of an organization that has truly made a difference in combating this deadly disease worldwide for over 30 years.  Most people born in the U.S after the 1950s are not familiar with the polio epidemics that crippled or killed over 50,000 people, mostly children, during its course of infection.  But after immunization programs were widely implemented, the last reported case in the U.S. was in 1998.  The rest of the world was not so fortunate and polio remained rampant in many foreign countries.  Beginning in 1985, Rotary International made a long-term commitment to provide funding and volunteers to rid the world of polio. 

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